La Corpo Gifts

La Corpo

Web Design, WordPress, WooCommerce, Divi, Responsive Design, Advanced store functionalities (image optimization, quick view, product filtering, smart search, brand taxonomy, product carousel, quote request, store as catalog).

Year Of Publication
2020 – 2024

Project Description: Gifts or prizes for company employees

The project La Corpo Gifts, serves as a template to offer companies a website that gives gifts or prizes to their employees on special occasions such as Christmas, the start of school, children’s day, etc. 

In each replica, the style was adapted respecting the brand identity of each company, and new functionalities were added according to specific needs. In general, they work as stores for time-limited campaigns, where products have points instead of prices and each employee can place a single order with a limit of points to be spent. In addition, each user role has a different limit. The checkout and cart pages were minimized and the login page was customized, among other extra functionalities. I built more than 15 eCommerce sites with this features.


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